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Thank you for coming to MinerTopia for your mining needs. At this time it looks like BTG is still working on the getting the testnet up and running. We are working closely with them to test it all once it’s working. We have been trying ourselves to get a working testnet up outside of the BTG dev team in case you were wondering what all the activity was on our site.
As soon as we have more info we will send out another notice to come and mine on our testnet moving forward.
If you want to help test out our servers in the interirm we have our zen pool that has 0 pool fees as of now that could use a little bit of extra hash.

Please come mine with us on https://zen.minertopia.org

BTW your logins for BTG work on all of our equihash pools as we use SSO.

Thank you
Cory Tselikis
MinerTopia Founder